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My #mum bought this for me! #boxes #ducks #yellow #family

My #mum bought this for me! #boxes #ducks #yellow #family

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We made #chocolate #pancakes.

We made #chocolate #pancakes.

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Here’s some naughty Lady Deadpool!

See the full set now, only on!

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2,000 posts!

2,000 posts!

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Here’s some naughty Lady Deadpool!

See the full set now, only on!

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Celebrities taking the underground

What fucking subway is this


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pinkmoonlustk asked: OMG. You are gorgeooooooooous. Please do some of the things I do and wait for my response =3= <3 You're a total baaaabe! <3 <3



I want to ;-;
I wanna try out to be a Cosplay Deviant so bad.
But 1. No camera, or decent picture taking device
And 2. ;-; I don’t know if I can…
I mean, I know I’m not terrible, there’s just parts of me that I wish were a little different. :c and it makes me feel gross.
Maybe one day I’ll work up the confidence. I’ll send something your way when that happens :3

Never hurts to apply

kandikisu, I felt just like you when I started.

I had very little experience cosplaying as I previously could not afford it, but I had about a year of freelance modelling under my belt. I only ever cosplayed Bettie Page at a local event.

My body is ruler shaped (FAR from the hourglass bodies most men desire!), I have scoliosis and my breasts are 30A UK.

But I tried anyway, now I have 4 sets up (not including one more that will be released in May) on cosplaydeviants, 2 of which have nearly 5 star ratings!

I was not perfect, I had crap self-esteem, but EFF THAT!


PS: I don’t shoot my own CosDev sets, photographers get paid for sets too, so I am sure you can find a friend :)

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i like online shopping and putting everything i want in a cart then checking my subtotal and laughing and closing the tab

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